Greece: Part 1

Going to Greece was probably the coolest thing I have done since being in Europe. I have been referring to it as my "inception vacation" because it was a vacation inside a vacation, being that I am already so lucky to be in Paris. I was in Greece for a total of 11 days, traveling around through Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Santorini takes the cake for favorite but each place had a uniqueness I fell in love with. My first stop was a 2am solo arrival in Athens. I haven't traveled alone too much in my life so this was an exhilarating moment for me. Greece felt so foreign and so incredibly adventurous to me in that moment - a feeling of independence and fearlessness that I will always remember.

The next morning I caught an early flight to Mykonos where I met up with my roommate Minh's friend Sylvain. The three of us stayed on top of a 24 hour gelato/crepe/waffle/froyo place where we indulged daily. The streets of Mykonos are incredibly charming and almost impossible to get lost in even though you have no idea where you're going at any given moment. I guess the Greek don't believe in street signs? We did a lot of wandering and exploring the island, finding a small beach with tons of flying parasurfers and a super cute/very Greek/delicious bakery. To our surprise, the Greek islands kind of shut down for winter so we caught the end of the hype and witnessed the death of tourist season. Not many of the widely known crazy clubs in Mykonos were open so we resorted to local bars. It was definitely unexpected but still very cool to witness more of how the locals live... But I'm really curious and definitely want to go back in the summer to get the other experience.

Mykonos was a lot of gyro-eating, walking, gelato/waffle-eating and taking in the beauty. Nothing to complain about there :) Next we hit up Santorini and I will have another blog post for that asap!

The cute narrow streets of Mykonos
"Little Venice" 

An example of the diet I was on in Greece. I <3 comment-3--="" european="" waffles="">
Another typical meal in Greece

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