How is it already the middle of November? Time is seriously flying by. Since getting back from Greece two weeks ago, school has been super busy. I had two midterms last week and two oral presentations today. I also had a friend visit this past weekend so I'm ready for a low key week. The past two weeks have been really fun and filled with all my favorite things - good food, good friends and fun times out in this wonderful city. Paris just keeps getting better and better... and exponentially more Christmas-y. Since they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, Christmas is in full mode already. It's fun though and makes the cold feel a little more appropriate. My roommate Minh's birthday is this week so I anticipate a nice celebratory week/weekend and then next week I have another friend visiting! Exciting stuff. I'm keeping this short and sweet.... Another update soon but for now, here are some photos. (Blame my iPhone for the lack of clarity).

Natural History Museum

Before braving the cold for a night out

Eclair Heaven!


Musee d'Orsay
Love Lock Bridge

Best Burger in Paris - Le Camion Qui Fume Food Truck

Macaroons at the Christmas Market!

Cool Clouds at the Christmas Market

Sacre Coeur

Notre Dame Made of Chocolate....

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